Co-operative Membership

A co-operative is a form of business that is different from public and privately owned businesses. Co-operatives are democratic organisations controlled by their members, who have equal voting rights and can actively participate in setting policies and making decisions.

Why should I join Casuarina School Co-operative?

Sometimes a task is bigger that the resources of the individual, but well within the reach of a group of persons with a common purpose who pool their resources. Co-operation provides strength by bringing together people with mutual aims.

Casuarina School Co-operative Limited owns and runs Casuarina School, appointing co-operative members to the school’s Board, which carries the ultimate responsibility for the running of the school. By becoming a member of the Casuarina School Co-operative Limited you are giving yourself the chance to make a difference to the whole school by voting on important issues and by electing candidates to the Board or even by standing for the Board yourself.

Casuarina School Co-operative Limited is a non-for –profit organisation. All financial surpluses arising from Casuarina School Co-operative’s business are put straight back into the school for the benefit of the whole school community.

Board members and ordinary members of Casuarina School Co-operative Limited give their time freely and do not receive any remuneration or dividend for their work or membership of the co-operative.

What do I have to do as a Casuarina School Co-operative member?

As a member of Casuarina School Co-operative Limited you can contribute as much or as little as you want. You are encouraged to participate actively in the many ways available throughout the school. At a minimum, co-operative members are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting, which is usually held in May each year.

How can I become a member of the Casuarina School Cooperative?

Membership application forms are available at the office. Please pick up a form or send a request for a membership application form to the office ( and send the filled in form to the secretary of the board  All applications will be presented to the Board for approval. Our 2024 AGM date will be advised in February 2024.

You are welcome to view the following information during office hours:

  • a consolidated copy of the rules of the co-operative;
  • a copy of all special resolutions that may apply to you and
  • a copy of the most recent financial information reported to members of the Co-operative.

Upon request at our Administrative Office, all documents can be forwarded to you by email or provided in hard copy. Our most recent financial information is the annual ‘Audit Report’ conducted by an independent Auditor and that is also available on our website: Click Here.

Visit us and you will begin to see what makes Casuarina Steiner School different from all other schools. You will start to see and feel all the reasons to choose a Steiner education when you meet our talented and dedicated teachers, talk to our active and involved parent community, and meet our wonderful students. We can’t wait to welcome you!

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