Embedding Excellence


Our Term 2 meeting night was very successful. Special thanks to Karen, Wendy and Veda for providing the caring and fun childcare which freed many parents up to participate in the evening. Thanks also to all the Breezeway helpers for the yummy and nutritious meal enjoyed by all.

At the Embedding Excellence Update last night, parents were given an overview of the planning process to date and invited to join us for the next interactive parent session from 3.30-5pm on THURSDAY 29th May

To see the Powerpoint summary from last night’s presentation click on the image below.

EE Session for Parents 7May14

At the next session on Thursday 29th May, our work together will be guided by the key phrases of our STRATEGIC INTENT “INSPIRING lifelong learning; ENABLING individual capacity; NURTURING wellbeing in self, community and the world”, and parents will join with EE team members to explore what Community means as a strategic pillar of our Embedding Excellence process, to identify how our existing structures for parent involvement can be improved and strengthened, and to bring ideas for new and innovative ways parents can contribute to the School. This session will be seeking to identify and enhance the ways that parents feel they can make a meaningful contribution to the School and support their child’s education at Casuarina.

The session will run from 3.30-5pm, and refreshments and free childcare will be available. I look forward to seeing you there! Toni

Wordle of words survey respondents used to describe our school

This is a wordle – a graphic representation of the words used by our survey respondents to describe our school, late last year. The larger the word, the more often it was used.


19th February 2014 Update

Last Wednesday 12th February over 40 parents participated in the first parent session of our Embedding Excellence program. Parents appreciated the opportunity to be able to attend this session on the same afternoon/evening as their child/ren’s Class Meeting, with the added bonus of a light delicious meal from the Happy Frog and caring supervision for all the children throughout the different sessions.

The session commenced with an introduction and presentation from Toni Wright-Turner. Please click on the presentation cover page below to view the presentation.

Slide01We then split into small groups of 6-8, each with an EE team member and worked through a couple of questions:

  • Who are we and what do we value about Casuarina?  

In pairs we had to think of a story or an event/incidence/situation related to the school that you value or made you feel connected to Casuarina. We then had to tell this story to the person next to you. Other person is to listen in silence, without interrupting. Whilst listening, ask yourself, what am I hearing about what they value? What is the song I am hearing beneath the words? Other responds to the story teller expressing what they heard – the song, the subliminal message expressed that reveals what they value about Casuarina.

SUMMARIES from Elsbeth, Don, Pairoj and Linda

Elsbeth's GroupDon's Group


Pairoj's Group

Linda's GroupRemembering the future

Instructions: Imagine you have reached the final stepping stone in your change project – you have arrived at your destination – you have reached your desired future and it is now your present. You pause for  a moment and look back on the distance covered and celebrate from where you have come to where you are now – it used to be where you wanted to be when you started the project but you are here now – you have arrived!! For the next three minutes you will immerse yourself in your now present state where you have completed your school wide change project and you ask yourself these three questions:

  • what does the outcome of the school wide project look like now? For the students? For the school? (Eyes)
  • what am I hearing about the new embedded change? (Ears)
  • what am I and others feeling? (Hands)

How different is the school now compared to when I began the project? Looking back from where I came, what were some of the challenges that I faced along the way? Now close your eyes and be in your future.

SUMMARY from Sharaine

SharaineInitial feedback on the meeting structure told us:

  • Our timetable for the evening was trying to be concise for families, and not a late night mid-week for anyone. With reflection it was too tight and the small time run-overs created pressure on our Embedding Excellence session, so this will be considered for future events.
  • Thanks to Karen and  Ryan for organising fun activities and sports for the children, and again reflection noted more clarity in the sign-in and out processes for parents, children  and teachers  would help this run more smoothly.
  • Food was excellent – good to have nourishing healthy food so children had effectively had tea by end of evening


7th February 2014 Update

Casuarina School is a unique and brilliant school that makes a valuable contribution to education in our region. In acknowledging that, we have been offered an extraordinary opportunity to participate as a pilot school with the Association of Independent Schools in New South Wales in a new program called Embedding Excellence, to help make our school even better!

What is Embedding Excellence?

Embedding Excellence is a step-by-step program to help us develop a Strategic Intent for the school. With a clear strategic intent our school will flourish into the future without losing the beautiful and amazing things that make us who we are. Our participation in the Embedding Excellence program is a positive step for Casuarina and all people associated with our growth and development.

Developing the Strategic Intent is a long-term plan with a focused direction (where do we want to be in 5 years time and what do we need to do to get there?) whereby we explore our values, aspirations, vision and passion to offer the highest quality education to our school community.

The Embedding Excellence program will help us develop clear, transparent and sustainable structures, efficient and effective communication channels and decision making processes, all of which will enable our school to move into the future confident and with direction.

As we value input from our school community are sharing this journey with you.  Students, parents, staff and the broader community will at times be invited to provide their input into envisioning a brighter future for Casuarina.  The Embedding Excellence Team will also provide regular updates to our school community so that we are united and knowledgeable in the way the school is moving forward.

In November 2013 all parents were asked to complete a survey as part of the Embedding Excellence program – thank you to those that completed the survey.