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Casuarina School Playgroup

Baking Bread in Playgroup

At Lavender Cottage Parent and Child Group, the environment is prepared to meet the child’s nature and needs. There is no intentional teaching, which will prematurely stimulate the intellect. The Child’s dream-quality and timelessness is nurtured in a rhythmic and joyous environment, together with other families who are also striving for a more wholesome and quality space for their children.

The aim of a Steiner Playgroup is to develop a sanctuary of safe play for children and an oasis of peace and friendship for parents. Much emphasis is placed on the physical environment being one that is home-like, where children can engage in homely activities. There are beautiful, natural, handmade play materials to inspire creative play amongst the children.

Casuarina School Playgroup

Play and rewarding work

During the year at Lavender Cottage Parent and Child group, children will begin to learn how to take turns and sit with others as we eat together, sing songs and listen to a story. We will bake bread and enjoy both outside and inside creative play. A trained coordinator facilitates each Parent & Child Group.

Session Times are Monday – Thursday mornings from 9:00-11:30am

Please contact our office staff for further details or to book a session.

Phone: (02) 6651 2770