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Student Welfare and Discipline Policy

The purpose of this document is to outline the policy designed to promote learning and build positive relationships in the Casuarina School community.

The policy is premised on the right of all students to learn effectively and feel safe whilst in the care of the school.

Collaboration between school staff, students and parent(s) or carer(s) is an important feature of Casuarina Steiner School Welfare and discipline Policy.

When parents enrol their children at Casuarina School they enter a partnership with the school[1]. This partnership is based on the commitment to provide students with opportunities to learn and grow within the framework outlined by the Casuarina School Curriculum.

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Casuarina Steiner School Communication Pathways and Steps for Resolution of Issues for Parents 

This policy is specifically for use by users of the school’s services, i.e. parents and parents as advocates for their children.

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Casuarina Steiner School Learning Support Team Policy and Procedures

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Casuarina Steiner School Parent Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is intended to assist Casuarina Steiner School parents and guardians to identify and resolve issues of conduct that may arise at school. It is designed to guide parents and guardians in their dealings with staff, other parents, students and the wider school community. The Code is written in line with the schools values and expectations. The Code stands beside but does not of course exclude or replace the rights and obligations of individuals under common law.

The School is a complex organisation comprising a diversity of populations that have different relationships to one another. It is essential in such a community that all members recognise and respect not only their own rights and responsibilities but also the rights and responsibilities of other members of the community and those of the School itself.

As a parent, you play a formative role in the development of your child’s sense of justice, equity, and worth of all members of the school community. You also act as one of the most influential role models within your child’s life. As the onus for promoting and upholding these core values of the school community must fall on all those with the greatest capacity to reason and control their actions, it is the expectation of the school that all parents model acceptable behaviour at all times within the school setting.

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General Policies

Dress Code Policy