General Information

School hours 9:00am – 3:00pm Monday – Friday
Festivals Festivals are held each term to celebrate the changing seasons of the year. Summer and Autumn festivals usually involve students and parent volunteers, the Winter festival sees all parents and other members of the School community invited and the Spring Fair is a public event.
Open Access The Principal is available for parents without an appointment at set times. See the latest newsletter for details.
Uniform The School does not set a uniform for students. 
School Shop Various educational, health and clothing items are offered for sale in the School shop in the Office Reception area.
Library The School operates a library holding both fiction and non-fiction books for children and adults and picture books for younger children. Currently, the Library is staffed on Wednesdays each week.
Newsletter and Notes The School communicates school news to families weekly via a newsletter (paper or email) and the school website.
Advertising Application can be made to the office for advertisements to be placed in the School newsletter. Please contact the office on 02 6651 2770 for further information.
Overseas Students The School is not currently a CRICOS registered provider of education to students from overseas, or non-residents of Australia, but we are open to working with students from overseas who wish to come for short-term cultural visits. Contact the Principal if you are interested in having a child or children visit the school on a short-term basis without the need for formal certification.