Casuarina Steiner School

Education is a journey not a race.

At Casuarina Steiner School we believe that: 

–      Education is a journey, not a race
–      Play is the serious work of early childhood
–      Learning takes place with hands, heart and head
–      By protecting the right to childhood we are creating abilities for life

Situated on the sub-tropical Mid-North Coast, on the edge of beautiful bush land in the beachside city of Coffs Harbour, Casuarina Steiner School offers a unique education for girls and boys aged from 12 months to 12 years.

Casuarina Steiner School provides an education that is based on a balanced approach to learning. Alongside a very high standard of academic education, our curriculum places great importance on educating the head, heart and hands, thereby educating the whole person intellectually, artistically, socially and morally, so as to develop each student’s innate self-discipline and strength of body and will. Our next generation will need to be effective problem solvers, be adventurous to thrive in a changing world, strong to face the moral and ethical challenges that lie ahead and creative to bring out the beauty in the world and in themselves.

Based on the Steiner principles, we offer a nurturing environment to address the changing needs and capabilities of children at each stage of their development. Our methods of teaching ensure deep and rounded learning.

The school’s philosophy has grown out of the wisdom and insight of the philosopher, scientist and artist Rudolf Steiner. Using his picture of human growth and development, Casuarina Steiner School is one of over 1000 Steiner (or Waldorf) schools worldwide.

Arrange a visit – we welcome visitors and would love to show you around our school. If you would like to attend a school tour contact us by phone on (02) 6651 2770 or via the Contact Us page to arrange a visit.

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